Our Adventure Begins

After living in the “burbs” for most of our lives we realized that our hearts just weren’t in it.  Traditional suburban neighborhoods were not the right fit for the life we wanted to live. We wanted to have great big gardens and orchards and grow much of our own food.  We wanted to really minimize our environmental footprint and feel at peace and connected with where and how we lived.  We want to try to make a real difference and set an example to others in our area that you can be “green” and still be comfortable.


Our goal is to make our new home as sustainable as possible for the environment and for us as we grow older.   We are trying to incorporate many different energy and conservation strategies and utilize different types of sustainable and recycled materials in the construction.  As a challenge, we are aiming to design and build a LEED Platinum home.


Welcome to our adventure.  We are scared & excited, overwhelmed & inspired by our guides along this journey.  We’ll introduce them to you and share our ideas and decision making along the way.  We’ll show you pictures of the transformation over the coming year from 1970’s ranch house to contemporary farmhouse.

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